So we have your curiosity on how our mailboxes are made?  Most of our mailboxes are constructed from the same 1/4" thick steel unless specified.  Each 1/4" thick mailbox has 3/16" reinforced locking steel doors and are individually hand made here in the USA.   We manufacture the strongest, most secure locking mailboxes on the market by far!
We don't just make
secure mailboxes.
We make HIGH SECURITY mailboxes!
Below will show you why we are NOT
your average locking mailbox.

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  • Want to know about the 1/4" steel we use?:

    The reason why we are HIGH SECURITY is that the steel we use to produce the strongest mailboxes in the world, is also used to construct some of the largest bridges and skyscrapers in the world.  The 1/4" steel will withstand bats, rocks, sledgehammers, and yes...even those dreaded mailbox bombs.  We can also mention that they do pretty good against VEHICLES!  These mailboxes have been lab tested against other "high security" mailboxes with many types of destruction and only the Fort Knox Mailbox passed with flying colors.  To read more, CLICK HERE! A 28 ton boom truck and trailer came out on the minus side after hitting one of our mailboxes.  If you ever have a chance to pick one up and feel their heavy weight, you will understand why these mailboxes are so tough.  The weight of our mailboxes alone will amaze you. For example:

  • M1-LT mailbox (Only 1/8" thick steel mailbox) = 33 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 58 LBS.
  • Small STANDARD mailbox = 68 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 110 LBS.
  • Large STANDARD mailbox = 96 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 141 LBS.
  • The FORTRESS mailbox = 98 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 142 LBS.
  • THE VACATIONER = 136 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 181 LBS.
  • THE SENATOR = 148 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 193 LBS.
  • THE PACKAGE BOX = 165 LBS. Without post.
    • With matching steel post = 193 LBS.
  • THE VAULTS = HEAVY! With matching steel post = VERY HEAVY!

NO TIN HERE!..Solid steel construction (welds) not rivets.

  • The steel post that we use to support our heavy mailboxes:

( 5" x 5" x 57" long for the larger mailboxes ).
( 4" x 4" x 57" long for the small standard mailbox ).

( 2.5" x 2.5" x 57" long for the M1-LT mailbox ).
(If you have a preexisting post, make sure it can support the above mailbox weight

4" X 4" AND 5" X 5" STEEL POSTS
    The post comes separate from the mailbox and is bolted from underneath with "carriage bolts," so that no theft of the mailbox is possible.  This is also ideal if you move, and want to take the mailbox with you instead of pulling the steel post out of the concrete.  Posts are made of 10 gauge square tubing.  (10 gauge = 1/8"). The posts are buried in 2+ feet of concrete. Carriage_Bolt
  • Custom Posts and Racks:
*Click rack picture for a closer view*
Pick a style of post for your situation.  Check here for a price list.
To see some installed pictures of racks click HERE.
  • Welding vs. Rivets:
All Welded, No Rivots
All Welded, No Rivots

       Both are good in construction of certain products, but for long lasting durability and security, welded is the best choice for a mailbox.  ALL Fort Knox Mailboxes are personally hand welded with no rivets needed. A welded mailbox, as opposed to rivets, increases the durability and security tremendously. Thieves are often able to pull the riveted sides off other mailboxes and get to your mail with hardly any effort at all.  Not so with a Fort Knox Mailbox. You can see in the picture to the right where the 3/16" back plate has been completely welded.  It just doesn't get any stronger than this! Two words sum it up and those are, durability and security.


Available Option:
Front and Rear access doors: If you need to retrieve your mailbox from the rear of the mailbox, we can make that possible. This is made for those who live on a busy street, or would like to put their mailbox through a fence or masonry and retrieve mail from the back of the mailbox instead of the front.
There is a $68 charge for this rear door option, and you get 3 additional options:

1. Front and rear doors "Keyed Alike" (upgraded locks require additional purchase).
2. Front door is made "Fake" (Front door is welded shut from the inside with fake lock).
3. Front locked door is replaced with a "Solid Plate" completely welded.

  • All steel materials with a baked-on "Powder Coated" finish:

Powder Coating:

Protective and/or decorative coatings are formed by application of powder to a substrate, after which the powder is fused into a continuous film by the application or heat or radiant energy.  Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers.  The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated.  The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven.  The result is a uniform, durable, high quality, and attractive finish.  Powder coating is the fastest growing finishing technology in North America, representing over 10% of all industrial finishing applications.

Custom Color

We can accommodate custom colors for an additional one time fee of $98.

  • Our Included Standard Lock:

7 PIN Tumbler Locks (round keyed):
These standard locks come with the Fort Knox Mailbox.  They are a chrome plated "tubular" 7 pin key lock.  Tubular locks are more durable (pick-proof) than the common keyed lock. The cams that hold the Fort Knox Mailbox doors shut are 1/8" steel which is thick enough to keep out unwanted criminals. (2 keys included with lock).

Cam-Lock Pick_Proof_Lock
  • Alternative Locks:
  • Slam Lock:
        This lock is designed for those who receive packages larger than the 1-3/4" slot quite frequently.  The Slam Lock is made so that you can leave the main door unlocked to receive packages.  Your mail carrier then opens the slam lock door, takes your outgoing mail, and then places your mail and package in the mailbox.  The mail carrier then shuts the Slam Lock door and it automatically locks.  Once again, you are the only one with a key. (2 keys included with lock).   *One Year Warranty!*

  • ABLOY CL Series - "Double D" Hole Cam Lock:
        This is the most reliable security lock available for coin-operated laundry equipment, vending machines, coin boxes, slot machines, music and gambling machines, pay phones and other high security applications. And now...FORT KNOX MAILBOXES! (2 keys included with lock)


        The Medeco3 unique design provides triple locking action, making the locks virtually pick proof. All Medeco keys and locks are protected under patent, trademark, and copyright laws. Medeco3 keys may only be duplicated by Medeco or by a Medeco authorized sales outlet, and only at your request. (2 keys included with lock)


Can be added to the Vault Lock to turn it into the
Vault Lock Extreme!


  • The Vault lock: (for people who want above and beyond security)
         This lock works just as our standard and Abloy locks, but with added strength.  It works like a safe or vault lock mechanism where when locked, two 1/2" steel pins along with our 1/8" thick cam slide into a locked position.  It is used when extreme security is needed.

*Two Year Warranty!*

  • The Vault lock EXTREME!:
         Even more security? Same great benefits as the Vault Lock, but with the upgraded Medeco lock to give your mailbox the best offered security possible. Forget high security, this is EXTREME security! 

*Two Year Warranty!*

Move your mouse over to see it operate

  • Postal lock: (for larger companies and multiple mailbox options)
    The Post Office has agreed to have their "Arrow Lock" placed on our mailboxes in certain situations and areas. Prior local post office approval is needed in order for us to set up the mailbox for the Arrow Lock. With the Arrow Lock, companies or multiple mailbox owners can have their outgoing mail locked up. Fort Knox Mailbox is unable to install the actual Arrow Lock on mailboxes. Each post office has their own Arrow Lock keyed for their location only. The local post office where the mailbox is to be installed, will install the "Arrow Lock" themselves once the mailbox is installed. We simply set up the mailbox to allow the Arrow Lock to be installed by the USPS. The purchaser of the Fort Knox Mailbox must contact their local post office and see if this option is available in their area.
    Call for more details....(800) 206-8067

  • Installing a Fort Knox Mailbox?:

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  • See our accessories to go with your Mailbox.

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  • Pricing on all of our products.

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Hand made in the USA! (Grants Pass, Oregon)

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