We want to thank all of our happy customers that have taken time out of their busy schedules to let us know how they feel.

"First of all, thank you for the wonderful Fort Knox Mailbox for our home. It will provide us with many years of security and good looks. In fact, it may outlast our house!.... Attached, is a picture of me and our Fort Knox Mailbox. My wife and I thought you'd get a kick out of it."

-Michael V.
Fort Knox Mailbox Owner

"Hello Folks,

Some people like to brag about their house, their garden, their car, their kids or their trophy husband or wife. We like to brag about our mailboxes! They are the best engineered, best made, most secure and yes, the most handsome mailboxes in Southern Oregon. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful mail receptacles. They have been absolutely great in serving us for mail pickup and delivery. We wish you well as you continue to provide the best mailboxes available. Sincerely,"

Jeff and Jean & Red and Leila, OR.


"The custom Vacationer that you made for us really looks great, now that I finally got it installed! You make the best security boxes that anyone could even think of manufacturing! I think my neighbors are envious, as one kept stopping by to watch our progress as we mounted the box on the post yesterday! FYI, should you be interested in my post's construction, it's a full 6" x 6" dimensional rough sawn heart redwood post that I designed myself. The vertical part is ten feet long, with about 15" of it above the mailbox's top and and 3.5 feet of the post is set in concrete. The Vacationer sits on the post at 42" above the road surface. I attached the box with eight 3/8" stainless steel hanger bolts, that are set three inches in the redwood with the machine threads extending 7/8" above the surface. For sealing out the rain water between the box and the post, I added a perimeter of 1/4" foam weather stripping to the post with eight rubber washers around each hanger bolt before it was set in place! The bolts are capped off on the inside with; rubber washers, stainless flat washers, and stainless steel acorn nuts. Thanks again for making such a first class product! I hope my post is worthy of your mailbox, at least it's just as sturdy!"

John & Barbara - CA

"Fort Knox:

You guys are the best! The mailbox was sent to me very quickly and itís the best Iíve ever seen. When you love a mailbox this much, you have to customize it. My new pal, Mick at ďBad Ass PaintĒ located in Los Angeles customized my Fort Knox mailbox with an incredible one of a kind paint job. Since I live in a canyon in Los Angeles the kids go up and down each side of the street batting the mailboxes. Now with the Fort Knox mailbox I donít have any worries now. Also, theft is no longer a concern either. This thing is a beast. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make us the happiest.

All the best,"

Seth, CA

1st Email:

"I had my Fort Knox mailbox hit three times (all hit and run). After the second time the box, along with the concrete, was knocked out the ground (pictures above) I "wisely" reset the box with 8 bags of concrete (w/rebar reinforcement). Thus, the third time it was hit it was a real pain in the *$# to deal with! I learned my lesson... cut the post off at the ground, had a welding shop extend the post to 6', and reset it... this time with much less concrete."

2nd Email:

"Hello, Glad you got the photos. The problems we've had since we switched to the Fort Knox Mailbox aren't as annoying as having to constantly replace vandalized mailboxes. Resetting the Fort Knox box every couple of years is better than buying and replacing a cheaper box every 3 months! Joe S."

Takes a lickn' and keeps on tickn'. I'd like to see another mailbox go through that!

- Thanks Joe!

"Hello again Janet! Just wanted to tell you that the mailbox arrived today in excellent condition. It is AWESOME!!! I can't wait to install it at the curb. And thank you for the business cards...I will definitely give them out to people, like myself, that want a bit more security and durability from their mailboxes. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I work for USPS and know of some mailboxes that need replacing....LOL!!! I can't wait till my husband gets home from work and sees it. (Creepy that I am so excited about a mailbox...but it is definitely a work of art to me!!!) Thanks again to you and the whole crew there at Fort Knox Mailboxes....You guys are the BEST!!!!" Diana - CT
"Big brother, this is our kinda mailbox. M-60's won't touch it,
maybe a 50 Cal, but not much more. 1/4" real steel.
If you want to remove it, figure on pulling out 135 pound box,
plus the post weighs an additional 45 lbs. Bring your own
APC or half track.
That should simmer down the nit wits."

"I have had some pretty bad experiences with other companies I have done business with not providing good customer service; but it is nice to see your company making customer service priority number one; goes really well with your great product (FortKnox Mailboxes). Big gold star for really awesome customer service. Give your whole team a huge thanks."

Kind regards, Alex

"We just got our 3 small off-white mailboxes installed on the t-post and they're really nice! I'm sure the neighbors in our cul-de-sac will take an immediate liking to them once they see 'em. Thank you so much for offering such a well crafted and secure mailbox that's also visually appealing as well. We were very impressed with the quality of construction and have no fear of having future mail compromised in any way.

It was definitely worth the wait! Thanks again!"

Pat F.

"Thanks very much for delivering the mailbox. It looks great! Our neighbor who is getting the other brand got a look at it, and was exclaiming about how strong and good looking it is. I think he might have wanted one of yours, but maybe his wife nixed it. We're delighted with it, and hope to install it before the week is out. My husband and neighbor will be taking care of installing all of them. Thanks too for getting us the extra keys.

My husband and neighbor installed the 3 boxes this morning, and I'll have to say, ours really looks tough but terrific, as our neighbor told us several times! Because it's on the end, and it's green, it's quite noticeable. It won't surprise me if we start getting questions from other people in the neighborhood who see it as they drive by. It's a very busy street. You know that I'll be most eager to tell them about you! Thanks again for your patience with me. (GREAT personalized customer service!!!) Thanks again for making this an enjoyable process!"


"Well I am quite impressed the mail box is everything I thought and more. It is HUGE and so well made. The kid that is trashing my mailboxes, I hope he try's again with this one. I hope he takes a metal bat and takes a big swing at it. If I see he in a arm cast I know just what happen. I am very impressed with your product and the packing your company did to get it here safely. My son told me the package stated DO NOT DROP and then commented if you dropped it you would crack the flooring. :) :)"

-Linda, OR

"Thank you so much. I am a mail carrier and I recommend your boxes to everyone I know. I deliver to the ones you have in roy, wa. and they are great. thanks,"

-Chris, WA

"You installed "The Fortress" at our house about 4 years ago. Last night we had a large delivery made to our residence in Port Orchard via 40' Semi which required backing down our driveway. I am sorry we don't have a photo. But in trying to back down the driver hit the box and I heard the wrenching of metal. On further investigation the front bumper of the Kenworth was bent 50 degrees from normal and although the post of the mailbox was loose in the dirt there is not even a scratch in the paint of our box. We are talking 5' of bumper hanging out in front of the truck. I was awestruck. A great product. Thanks Again"

-Greg & Mary Jo , WA

"I'm glad to see you are still building mailboxes. The whole community has been very happy with ours!!!!!!! Keep up the good work."

-Carl, WA

Not sure why, but the one on the left seems to be our first unhappy customer.

"Thank you so much for our wonderful mailbox. We absolutely love it!"

-Katie, OR

"Thank you for doing such a great and clean job on our mailbox installs!"

-Tina, WA

"Just wanted to let you know we finally received our break-away post last Wednesday, and the mailbox arrived on Thursday. This was in accordance with the dates provided on the FedEx tracking numbers. The mailbox arrived in perfect condition and was exactly what we wanted. We were very impressed with the quality of construction. However, we were very skeptical when we saw the shipping carton for the post. It was badly crushed and water-stained (the cardboard was still damp). One side of the carton had heavy scrape marks, as if it had been dragged along the pavement--I think the carton must have fallen off the truck somewhere on its way to Salem, OR. But when we removed the post from the carton we were pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't even scratched. You did a great job packing these items. The extra time and materials were well worth the effort. Otherwise we'd be sitting here right now, waiting for a replacement post. Anyway, we completed the installation this past weekend, and the postman left here about an hour ago, after installing the Arrow lock. He was as impressed as we were with the general quality and configuration of your product. He said he'd never seen another mailbox like this one anywhere in the City of Loma Linda (population about 21,000). He also made reference to our particular neighborhood, where there is a high rate of vandalism and theft (they even steal entire mailboxes--including the USPS mail drop boxes, unbolting them from their attachments!). The postman felt the security provided by your Fort Knox design was well worth the extra investment."

-Andy, CA

"I got the mailbox installed Thanksgiving morning. The adapter worked great. The whole system is a tank, lets just see some scumbag try to mess with it now!"

-Paul, CA

"Thank you all great product a work of art."

-Phil, NY

"Thought you might enjoy these photos of a recent installation. We love our box and Thank You for the wonderful job and installation. "

-The Fords, OR

"I just wanted you to know that our mailbox is up and functional- It is FANTASTIC and so BEAUTIFUL. We are thrilled with it- Many thanks."

-Sibel, NY

"Hi, I got my mail box in April of this year and I finally got around getting it installed in our existing pillaster. As you can see the result is amazing. I didn't expect it to look so good even my Wife likes the looks of it. Now she doesn't have to worry anymore once the mail gets delivered. If we only get the USPS to improve we got it made in the shade. Thanks a lot for your great product still made in the the U.S.A."

- Thomas, TN

"Our Mailman loves it and claims it to be the best he's seen.

Thanks for the over the top great mailbox!"

- Bill, OR

"I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how pleased we are with our mailbox order, the quality far exceeded my expectations."

Thanks again.

- Ellie, Ca

"I got the mailbox and post today. I installed it immediately. I don't think I have to worry anymore about people stealing my mail.

Thanks much!"

- Dwayne, VA

"Here are a couple pictures of the mailbox. Thanks again for getting those holes drilled as requested; they lined up perfectly and the installation went off without a hitch. The entire assembly has received many positive responses in the neighborhood, and I'd have to say your box is the best looking one in the area. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to getting another Fort Knox box the next time I move!"

-Tim, WA

"Thank you for making a quality product!"



"Got my mail box today, the quality is awesome your advertisement is totally truthful!! Thanks a million, Fort Knox all the way bad guy's with hoodies can go somewhere else to steal U.S. mail!!"
- Robert, Livermore CA.

"I had a stone mail box until kids knocked it down. I didn't know how your mail box would look."
"I bought it for the security, but you can see, It's beautiful as well!" - Christine

"Dear Sirs:
I bought the Fort Knox mailbox several years ago, but its strength hadnít been "tested out" until last year. A couple of stupid guys stole a Toyota pickup and were driving too fast on my country road. They ran off the road and slammed into my Fort Knox mailbox. It got tangled up under the truck and tore off the rear axel. It bounced free and ended up 100 yards down the road. The mailbox survived and I put it back into the ground. It's a little beat up but still works perfectly. The thieves escaped into the woods but the pickup was a total loss. That steel construction is solid! What a great investment!" Dan - Wa.

"I just received the mailboxes todayÖ I canít even begin to tell you how cool these things are. If you knew me, you would know how picky I am and how hard it is to impress me. After opening the boxes today I am impressed beyond words." James - Mo.
"I received the three mailboxes, in perfect condition. I am impressed with the quality of your workmanship, and am more than pleased with your product. You do a fanstastic job not only with the packing for shiping, but also with the construction and excellent finish. Many years of continued success, for a U.S. made product that leads the industry." Larry - Wa.

"Fort Knox Fortress mailbox 1, new Ford pickup 0

Had a teen driver decide to turn around using driveway across the street. However, when the young driver backed up she ran into the Fort Knox. Result? Destroyed the right, rear tail light on her Dad's new Ford truck...bet that cost a bundle!! Damage to the mailbox? None, other than some minor black paint on the edge getting chipped off. I am very pleased (not for the damage to the truck by the young driver) with how strong the mailbox is and how we can leave town for up to 2 weeks and not have to stop the mail delivery...and the mail is safe from thieves for everyday incoming mail. Thanks for designing and building such a great mailbox. Wish all companies would build in the US and take such pride in their products. "

Gary and Susan, California

"Our Mailman loves it and claims it to be the best he's seen. Thanks for the over the top great mailbox!"
- Bill, OR.

"I've had your standard (10x10x21) mailbox for more than 10 years in front of my property. No one has tired to knock the box while passing and no mail thefts. A few days ago a young man lost control of his truck and went into the ditch, taking out my mail box in the process. It sheered the bolts holding the box to the post and tipped the post slightly. The mail box did major damage to the side of his truck and ripped through the entire length of the fiberglass shell on the bed of the truck. The box and post had scratches and some of the powder coating was removed but no dents in the box or the post or other damage. I got the post out and removed the cement around the base. I'll be painting the box and post and cementing it back in the ground. Fantastic product!!!!!!"
- Len , OR

"To Whom,

We purchased a mailbox from your company for a client of ours. He was a dentist and had a unique idea to make the mailbox a tooth. Well i said to the sales rep that i would sent pics so that you may put it up on your website as a sales tool..
Thanks for your all help.." Thanks Johnny

"Never thought I would be so excited over a mailbox! Thanks again for the prompt shipping and the amazingly high quality product. Oh! and Thank you for the gold coins! What a nice touch too. Take Care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the others that made our mailbox happen!" Tom

"To Fort Knox First of all, let me start by saying that you guys have the best mailboxes I have ever seen. I am so happy that I found you guys on the internet... Unfortunately I have to wait till April to install your bad boy in my home in CT...." - Jose, NY

"Looked for you at the Portland Home and Garden Show, but didn't see you. I had some pic's for you too. Great mailbox, we love it. If we move we will have to buy another one. Great, Great product." Thanks, Dan

"Hi Fort Knox,
We think your mailboxes should be built a little more rugged. I'm not sure ours would survive a direct meteor strike! -Matt

PS We all thought the "gold" you included was a brilliant idea!"

"Thank you for my awesome mailbox. The candy gold was a nice touch. Now if only the rest of my neighborhood was smart enough. Oh well, we can't save everyone..." Bill

"I just wanted to say thanks for the great American-made tank-of-a mailbox! I knew the specs when I ordered it, but manÖpulling that thing out of the box was impressive. It almost required two people just to get it out of the package! All the rest was great. I love the great packaging, the paint, the tough hinges, the fantastic options offered to me, great security, and overall quality." Thanks again. - Jeff

"Dear Fort Knox Mailbox,
We received your standard mailbox (and post) yesterday, and wanted to let you know we couldn't be happier! The security of the box gives us a tremendous "piece of mind" knowing that our mail is safe and secure. We did modify the post by drilling two holes and installing a "cross" of rebar at the bottom so it cannot be pulled out of the cement. We live in a rural area, and the mailbox is .10 miles from our home. Anyway, we'll highly recommend you to our friends, and many have already come over to see the box, all commenting on the quality and durability of the construction. We are believers in your terrific product!"
Thanks again, Dan & Theresa, MD.


I'm happy I decided on a Fort Knox a few years ago. There have been a few attempts to pry it open ... but no dice. Our neighbors haven't had much luck with the cheaper boxes. Recently some clown ran over all eight boxes. Hit & run. The Fort Knox was the only real survivor in the image below. A few scratches, but I will be putting it back up soon.

You make a great product!"


"Hey there:
I wanted to send you a photo of my mailbox after the "accident". This was the extent of the damage that was done to my mailbox after it was hit at approximately 50mph. The impact was enough to send the mailbox, post and 150lbs of concrete about 15' down the ditch. Unfortunately, the person driving the vehicle didn't stop, but left a handful of car parts behind. My only consolation that the driver didn't fess up and pay for the damage was that it probably did $5,000 damage to their vehicle. I gave the mailbox a couple whacks with a hammer to straighten out the bent part a bit and it was reset in concrete and ready for mail the next day. When I moved into this place about 6 months ago the previous owner told me he had given up on a mailbox and used a PO box instead saying that he was tired of replacing mailboxes that were either hit with cars or kids w/ baseball bats. That didn't work for me so I did a little searching and came across you guys - seems like it was a good choice. Thanks for making a great product."
Best regards, Alan

"I awoke around 2:30 this morning to what I first thought was a pre 4th of July fireworks display. Then I looked out my front window to see the car pulling out of my driveway. Evidently the post of the Fort Knox Mailbox impeded the three point turn which was being made in my driveway. I regret not having gone outside to get a license plate number and perhaps summoning the police to see if the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated. With Soobies 'gentlemens club' just two doors away from me, I am sure that alcohol may have been a factor in this mornings incident. Now I will have to buy some rubbing compound and get the automobile paint off of the mailbox post. It occurs to me the vehicle took second place."
Thanks Craig!

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
Apparently a truck hit our small standard mailbox while we were out of town. The mailbox is mounted on three vertical railroad ties out of the sidewalk and one horizontal railroad tie under the mailbox. The mailbox and railroad tie under it were thrown about 10-20 feet and the railroad tie was split in two. Various sundry pieces of plastic from the truckís lights and body were scattered about. Iím happy to say that the mailbox survived without even a dent. Just some paint from the truck was scrapped onto the bottom corner of the mailbox. So the mailbox is quite rugged." Best regards, Gary

"Hey, thought Iíd drop a line. What made me think of you was a friend just received a package from the post office, it was full of his stolen mail. The local Sheriff just arrested a man who had a room full of stolen mail. We met you 12 years ago at the Tacoma Dome during a home and garden show. We were in the process of buying some property to put our house on. We ordered a single box and post. Have not had a problem, ever. "

Thanks, J. - WA

"I thought you might enjoy this. Our large 9 slot CBU box was stolen some time ago and I tried to sell our business neighbors on the FK boxes. Only one joined me. Some went to PO boxes and others installed similar looking but inferior boxes in photo. You can see that two have been popped open and the key latches are broken. The post on my FK box is encased in a 10" PVC pipe full of concrete!"
Thank you! - Gary

"I recently ordered, received and installed a special box from you. It was the Vacationer extended to 36". It arrived in great shape, packed so securely that you could hardly damage the contents. I love the box and wanted to let you know that it really looks good with the gang of misc boxes we have at our rural delivery point. It went together very well, but after I got it all installed I thought that something must be wrong. Why would you build a box so indestructable and tamper proof and have the four bolts sticking out the bottom with the nuts exposed. All you would have to do is quickly remove the nuts and take the box completely off site (if you were able to lift and move it). DUH! When all else fails, read the instructions. It says to install the bolts from the bottom of the post plate up into the box. After getting it all installed I had to redo the nuts and bolts. I'm one of those picture people who look at the picture and go from there. I didn't actually read all the instructions until after the installation was complete. Other than that it's a great box and will hold a lot of mail."
Thanks, Tom - AZ.

"Just wanted you to know I am well pleased with my custom Fort Knox mailbox. It is now anchored in 200 lbs of concrete. You all got the color exactly right, and I really appreciate the extra trouble. My wife loves it, and as an engineer, I admire it every day as a supremely well designed piece of equipment.
Thanks again", Gil - AL

"Good Morning Janet,
Thank you for your after the sale services.That separates great companies, products,and staff from all the mediocre ones out in this marketing environment one has to deal with on a daily basis.My wife and I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas as well as a safe Happy New Year.We hope you have many more decades of producing a premium quality product and matching after the sale service."
Sincerely,Bill and Jill

"Just wanted to let you know the mailbox and post arrived in good shape last week. That thing is an absolute beast! Just what I wanted. I havenít had time to install it yet, too many priorities with movers and utilities at the new house. Thanks so much for a truly superior product." Roger, - CA

"Ordered box and post by phone March 23 and was told was out of stock but would shipped following week. Box and post arrived as promised 9 am March 31. Installed April 1st. Workmanship on box and post look great best I have seen worth every penny I paid.
Thank all of you at Fort Knox Mailbox." Melvin - Ca.

"The boxes arrived last Thursday and were put up over the weekend. Thought you might like to see the result. Weíre all pleased and can rest easier now. Thank you." - Joe

"I received my order Friday (a small 1/8Ē thick mail box). You guys must be very proud of your products! So well built and packaged perfectly for shipping. Itís so nice find and buy quality products made in America."
Thanks! - Kirby, AR

"This is my second order and have purchased 3 of these mailboxes. (We are moving and leaving our "Senator" for the next owner, the "Vacationer" will be at our new home, and the third box is for my rural ranch rental property). I am so impressed with the handling of our order. Everything arrived perfectly; all items were well packaged and the order was handled quickly. Thank you for your consistent quality, both in product and handling of our order. The extra Medeco keys arrived the next day. We could not be more pleased and as others have said, your products are works of art. Our "old" Senator box is oiled regularly (as you recommend) and looks like we purchased it yesterday!"
- Jean , CA

"I just wanted to show you the beautiful mailbox you sent and how we installed it!
Here's the photo I took this afternoon of the final images. Thanks for making such a sturdy, secure, and beautiful mailbox for us!" Best wishes, Jan

Received mailbox today in perfect condition. Very pleased with high quality workmanship.
Best of all Made In USA!"
Thank You, Keith

"Hey, got a FortKnox ďThe FortressĒ mailbox, along with the steel post, about 3 years ago. Itís had a tree fall on it, and my sister inlaw back her car into it, survived both without damage. Last week I awoke to find the post laying across the driveway, 20 feet from where it was installed, a crater where it was planted and the box nowhere to be seen. Finally found it about 60 feet way, the sheared off heads of the bolts were about twice that far away, must have turned into bullets. A car smacked into it and sent it flying. It was beat up pretty bad, but other than 1 small dent, where it bounced off a boulder about halfway thru itís flight, there was no real damage. The corner damage is fairly minor. Spent yesterday sanding down the post and box, grinding out some scratches, and repainting it all, re-planted it and it looks like brand new. Thatís a mean mailbox you guys build. I doubt the car that hit it will be as easily repaired, given the amount of paint chips I found all over the driveway."-Brian Woodinville, WA

"Received my mailbox/post and it looks TERRIFIC! Can't wait to get it up. The craftsmanship is superb!!! I can't believe with having the breakaway post custom made that it was delivered to my door over 1000 miles away in 7 business days - that's what I call service! And the packing job - it was packed better than I would have packed my grandmother's heirloom china to ship cross country!!! I'll send you a pic when I get it installed. THANKS AGAIN, it was a pleasure doing business with you. I couldn't be more satisfied!" - Joe

"Just installed my new mailbox and we can now take trips without having our mail held. With cutbacks taking place with the USPS, our local post office was closed resulting in a new assignment to a post office more than 15 miles away. Trips to and from the new post office to hold and pickup mail is now a thing of the past. Also, on several occasions mail never reached us which could point to someone helping themselves to our mail. My wife and I now feel secure about our mail arriving as expected. We did however have to educate our mailman about the out-going mail compartment. Our first delivery was placed in that compartment. Stranger things have happened. Of course, the mailbox construction is a thing to behold. We installed a breakaway post since we expect to have the box hit from time to time since our property is situated where the road is on a downward slope along with a turn to the left. With rain or ice/snow, the road can be difficult to navigate and every year or so our mailbox is hit head on. I installed an extra-large concrete slab (24Ēx30Ē) so new anchor bolts can be installed if the box is knocked over. The breakaway post will ensure relatively minor damage to the hapless car or truck sliding off course. The mailbox will Iím sure survive undamaged. I would be interested in some capability to notify us when mail arrives. Our mail delivery time is rather unpredictable. Our house is about 500 feet from the road, hidden by trees. I looked into several radio controlled devices, but none on the market will transmit far enough for our situation. Please let us know if and when you plan to create such a device. We appreciate the good work you have done to create the Vacationer."
Don from far off Maryland.

"We received our new mailbox on Wednesday and it is such a good looking mailbox! We were also happy to learn that you are a local company. Thanks for making a quality, tough and attractive mailbox."
Donna, OR

"I just wanted to say THANKS again. I e-mailed a question on Tuesday night and you were able to squeeze me into your schedule the very next day. Showing up at 9:00pm and installing our mailbox was awesome, I know it made for a long day. If you look up customer service in the dictionary, your picture should be there. Great People and Great Products make a Great Company.
Sincerely," Eugene - WA.

"Here is installed in Colombia.

Wanted to share with u.

Thanks once again for such a nice work.

Best regards,"

"Just wanted to say thanks for building an excellent product. Saturday night my Fort Knox mailbox encountered it's second drunk driver and the mailbox remains the undefeated champion. Still standing, no dents. This time three of the 3/8 carriage bolts sheared." - El

"We have had the slam-lock mailboxes that you provided for us for a few weeks now, and we are VERY happy with them. They provide the security we want without limiting the size of the packages that can be put into the mailbox by the 1 3/4" slot. Our mail carrier is also happy because he does not have to put packages that won't fit through the 1 3/4" slot behind our gate or, when it is raining, take those packages back to the post office with him and leave a message for us to pick up the package at the post office. I can't imagine why anyone would purchase the standard lock mailbox when the slam-lock mailboxes cost just a little more.

The mailboxes are constructed very well and add to the appearance of our community.

The person that installed our mailboxes oriented the bolts so the long lock nuts are on the inside of the mailbox (protruding up into the mailbox), so envelopes or packages can't be just slid into the mailbox. Do the installation instructions call for this orientation of the bolts for some reason? Is there anything wrong with reversing the orientation so the thin, rounded bolt heads are on the inside of the mailbox? (I have reversed the orientation of the bolts in my mailbox and haven't detected any potential problems. If someone wanted to steal the mailbox, it would be easier for them to just remove the 3 screws holding the mount to the post than to remove the bolts holding the mailbox to the mount.)

Thanks for providing us with the information that led to our selection of these slam-lock mailboxes." - Val

"Now thatís a mail box! Received my mail box and post. Thanks!" Gaylord - ID.

"Thank you for the great service and an OUSTANDING product, keep up the good work."
Regards, Cameron - TX.

"I thought you might like a picture of my
recently installed Fort Knox Mailbox.
Iím very happy with it!" - Mike

"Guys, Thanks for the beautiful mailbox and mounting post. It was beautifully packaged and arrived with nary a scratch. I dug the post hole with the aid of a jackhammer to get past some deep rocks and concrete, but I was able to get it done. If anything, I went too deep, but that's always better than not deep enough.
I'm waiting for the concrete to cure, then I'll mount the mailbox on the post. But even now it's pretty darn solid. Thanks for the beautiful piece of work, and thanks for getting it here so quickly."
David . A happy customer.

This box is for our dream home, which probably wonít be done until early next year. We just wanted to gather some things in advance. At least we will NEVER have to worry about the safety of our mail thanks to you and your product. Also, I am so glad to be able to support an American manufacturer that still builds things in the USA" - David

"The Fort Knox 'Fortress' mailbox I recently installed exceeded all expectations. Yes, it was more expensive than other alternatives, but far surpassed them in quality of build and finish. I had it installed in a custom brick pillar, and my professional mason said it was the finest mailbox he had ever worked with. He wanted to know where I had obtained it, as he felt other clients, especially commercial clients and others wanting locking security, would be interested. I would recommend Fort Knox products to anyone who is tired of replacing mailboxes and wants one that is secure and will last a lifetime."

-Jason, South Dakota

Got my mail box today, the quality is awesome your advertisement is totally truthful!!
Thanks a million, Fort Knox all the way bad guy's with hoodies can go somewhere else to steal U.S. mail!!
-Robert, CA.


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