The Fortress is ready for battle!  Made with a 1/4" thick steel shell and 3/16" thick reinforced steel doors.  Weighing at just over 100 LBS., this mailbox is ready for just about anything thrown it's way.  With the same mail storage as the Large Standard, (average of 2 weeks) the Fortress is set up for outgoing mail.  Behind the upper 3/16" thick steel door is an incoming mail slot and outgoing mail compartment.  Included is two high security tubular keys for the 7 pin tubular lock, all included hardware including a satin chrome handle.  Last but not least is a powder coated 1/4" steel flag.

Special features for the Fortress:

  • 98 LBS. of Steel! (Mailbox only)
  • 1/4" Thick steel shell.
  • 3/16" reinforced steel doors.
  • 2" Continuous welded steel hinge.
  • 1/4" steel powder coated red flag.
  • All hand welded design. (No spot welds or rivets)
  • 1 3/4" x 11 1/2" Incoming mail slot.
    • 8" of recessed slot design to:
      • Accept small packages.
      • Keep hands out!
  • 3" x 11 1/2" Outgoing compartment.
  • 7 Pin Tubular lock. (upgradable)
  • Brushed satin nickel pull.
  • 2 Heavy duty magnets.
  • High performance powder coating inside and out.
    • Special colors available.
  • Free 1-1/2" address numbers for the front door.
  • Average of 2 weeks of mail storage.
  • Pre-drilled for our steel posts or racks.
    • Can be installed on a break away post.
  • Can be custom adjusted and upgraded:
  • Dimensions: (12"H x 12"W x 23"L)

The Fortress Price = $368


Pictures of installed mailboxes below with some added accessories.
*Some pictures show the optional Slam-Lock, and Newspaper box. *
Thank you to all of our happy customers that sent us photo's of your new Fort Knox Mailbox!
The Fortress Price = $368


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