This is an option we encourage you to call and discuss with us.  We do offer discounts for multiple orders. Our pricing page lists prices for single mailboxes and a percentage of savings for multiple mailboxes.  Feel free to call us at our toll free number for special situations.

(800) 206-8067 or e-mail us at

   This option is a great way to enhance the beauty of any apartment complex, business district, or multiple homes.  Take a look at some of the options that we have to offer.  Also notice that all types of mailboxes can be used for multiple units.  Even special (all in one) units are available "but heavy!".  All in one units are custom orders and you will need to call for pricing. You can see pictures of these mailboxes by clicking on this CUSTOM page.

We can accommodate for any
mailbox delivery situation!

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Please call to inquire about and/or order multiple mailboxes on racks.
We would be happy to work with you! (800)206-8067

Custom steel rack of 7 Small Standard Mailboxes w/ 1 Outgoing Box and 2 Package Boxes.


1/4" Steel C.B.U.'S
(Cluster Box Units)

These custom cluster units are made for tough environments. They are custom made and are available in 4-12 units in variable sizes with locked up outgoing mail and optional sized package box.

Please call or email for details and options.

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