Here is a steel box that is designed for many purposes.  It stores large packages from the post office or any other shipping company. It is a large box! One setup is by using the included "Slam-Lock". Leave the door slightly open, and the mail/parcel carrier will open the door and insert you package and mail. The mail carrier then "slams" the door shut so that it locks. You can then retrieve your package with your key. Another option is to set it up like a Large Standard mailbox as seen in two of the top pictures.

The Package Box comes standard with one solid front door and included Slam-Lock with knob. Adjustments can easily made as some pictures below have an added flag and mail slot for a large mailbox and package box all in one.

( 18" x 18" x 23" ) & 165 LBS.

Call or e-mail us for options for this big box for several other uses.

Package Box Price = $598


Thank you to all of our happy customers that sent us photo's of your new Fort Knox Mailbox!

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