You probably never knew a Fort Knox Mailbox could also be used as a Jack Stand?
Actually, we weren't aware either, but accidents happen, and we have the solution for a fix up.

Our mailboxes are the strongest mailboxes in the world, and the structure of the mailbox is made to take a serious beating as shown above. Even though we send out our mailboxes with the best coating available, the coating can unfortunately be damaged. So if you want your mailbox to keep looking good, then we have the solution for this below.


I'm happy I decided on a Fort Knox a few years ago. There have been a few attempts to pry it open ... but no dice. Our neighbors haven't had much luck with the cheaper boxes. Recently some clown ran over all eight boxes. Hit & run. The Fort Knox was the only real survivor in the image below. A few scratches, but I will be putting it back up soon.

You make a great product!"


- Touchup Paint -
Green or Black paint pen.

(For small touchups)
Green or Black 2 OZ. paint bottle w/ brush.
Green or Black 12 OZ. Spray Can.
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