Most people continue to think of mailboxes as the old ten-dollar “tin” type box. But with today’s society and the crimes being committed, things are starting to take change. It is now to the point where that $10 box just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone is getting tired of reporting stolen mail and vandalized mailbox problems just about every week. Not only is the stolen mail a big problem today, but the “Mailbox Baseball Bat” games being played can frustrate anyone. After the frustration takes effect, the average person decides to go and get an average “locking” mailbox from their local hardware store. But today, those just aren’t working anymore because they’re being destroyed by the bat basher and vandalized. Many get fed up with that and decide to get the “non-locking vandal-proof” mailbox. Uhoh! Now you’re back to square one again when you have to report stolen mail incidents. So, the next step to take is to find the “vandal-proof, locking mailbox”. Well, NOW there is a solution to having the two-in-one mailbox. That is the Fort Knox Mailbox which is by far the top-of-the-line, most indestructible, and vandal-proof mailbox on the market. You ask how we know this. Our answer is… We have been tested against the rest.

Mindful of the growing concern over mailbox vandalism and mail theft, an institute tested the security and durability of four post-mounted security mailboxes. To qualify for the test, all mailboxes had to meet minimum United States Postal Standards for mail protection under ambient weather conditions. Boxes also had to withstand loads up to 200 pounds without cracking or deforming in excess of 1/8 of an inch.

The Institute took the candidates to a laboratory equipped to measure the resistance of the mailboxes to forced entry and destruction. The Fort Knox Mailbox was deemed BEST for its lock’s ability to withstand forced entry better than any of the others tested. The Fort Knox Mailbox has a tubular lock that defied all attempts to jam a screwdriver into it, thus preventing it from being jimmied open. The lock on another model succumbed to the screwdriver in only nine seconds.

In the load machine test, all other mailboxes tested developed deformations greater than 1/8 of an inch at just over 200 lbs of pressure. The Fort Knox Mailbox endured better than 1,400 pounds of pressure without exhibiting ANY deformation or cracking whatsoever.

Unlike other mailboxes made of aluminum, plastic, or with rivets, this mailbox is made of 1/4 inch steel and is all welded for outstanding durability and strength.

Impressed? If not, then we suggest you compare our durability with all other mailboxes! If you’ve ever seen one in person, you know what we’re talking about!!!