In 1994 Fort Knox Mailbox® came into existence because a victim of numerous mail thefts finally decided to out-smart his neighborhood mail thieves. After collecting his remaining mail from a nearby ditch, Frank Schroeder built the original Fort Knox Mailbox® which is called the small standard box today. The new steel mailbox ended his weekly mail troubles and secured his mail, just as Fort Knox, KY is famous for its security of gold. The name Fort Knox was so appropriate, that the company began, known for its high-quality security mailboxes. Fort Knox Mailbox® has continued growing since 1994, mostly through word of mouth as neighbors share their satisfaction with their new mailboxes. Frank Schroeder, a retired Navy Seal veteran with a disability, became unable to keep up with the necessary high production and decided to work out of his shop making the smaller mailboxes for local sales. Seeing that his mailboxes could sell nationwide, he turned production over to long-time friends, the Crisp Family.

In 1997, Mike and Janet Crisp and their son Mike Crisp, Jr. created an entire line of Fort Knox Mailboxes®. They brought new products and many customers to the business and the company continues to invent new ideas for the safety and security of mail delivery. As of 2019, tens of thousands of Fort Knox Mailboxes® have been sent throughout America, as well as a few foreign countries. And to our knowledge, every single one of those mailboxes is receiving mail to this day.

Each Fort Knox Mailbox® receives special and individual attention during production in the shop. All mailboxes move through the stages of cutting, grinding, welding, sandblasting, powder coating, and final inspection. It is during this final inspection that each mailbox is reviewed for security, durability, and that professional appearance by which Fort Knox Mailbox® is well known.

Because we are a small company, we can allow for this individual attention. We want to be assured that our customers receive a quality product that will last for years to come. A finished Fort Knox Mailbox® is the result of much time and care. Our customers’ satisfaction with the security and appearance of our mailboxes is our goal throughout each stage of production.

A product reflects its company and our pride in our mailboxes is shown by the individual care given to each Fort Knox Mailbox®.

Still proudly made in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA!