1/4″ Cluster Box Units

C.B.U.s (Cluster Box Units)

Our CBUs (Cluster Box Units) are all custom and completely welded out of a 1/4″ steel frame with 3/16″ steel-reinforced doors. There are no rivets or spot welds, or parts that can be removed. The shell is over 3-4x thicker than the next heaviest duty CBU on the market! If you would like a quote, we need to know:

  • Number of Total CBU Units needed (Complete CBU location)?
  • One location or multiple locations available?
  • Number of Total Tenants/homes needed (individual slots)?
  • Need of Outgoing Mail?
  • Do you need Larger Package Compartments?
  • Do you need an in-Ground Post (Dirt area), OR a Surface Mount Post (An existing sidewalk)?
  • Zip code for shipping?
  • Is the delivery location a residence, OR is it a commercial address?
  • Do you have access to a forklift or a loading dock?

CBUs are very heavy and the lightest CBU will be approximately 250 lbs., and then go up from there. They also require front and rear door access — one side for the mail carrier and another for the tenants. You will need USPS approval for this setup.

Please call or email for details and options:

(800) 206-8067