Ballot Box Side Skins (Decals)

Display your patriotic spirit with these custom flag decals — or “skins” — which wrap around the edges to give a clean look. Made to last years in harsh environments, the skins make your ballot box easy for voters to find. Custom skins are also available. Official Ballot Box “window” is included, along with some contact information (if needed).

$130 per side, Uninstalled (discounts available).

$150 per side, Installed (discounts available).

*Prices are before multiple discounts.*

*Call or email for more information*

(800) 206-8067



Call (800) 206-8067 or email us to discuss the many options on our side skins. You can choose A, B, C, or D as your background, then add contact information and anything else you need. For custom logos and special designs, a custom charge could be applied. If you need something for the front or the rear of the ballot box, we do that too!

Add Side Skins (side decals)

Skin A Uninstalled, Skin A Installed, Skin B Uninstalled, Skin B Installed, Skin C Uninstalled, Skin C Installed, Skin D Uninstalled, Skin D Installed, Custom Skin Un-installed (Custom setup charge may apply), Custom Skin In-installed (Custom setup charge may apply)