U-Rack for 4 or More

Get your neighbors involved and save! If you have 4 or more mailboxes that need to be securely mounted, our custom steel U-Racks are the solution. With this style, you can mount up to 9 mailboxes on a single rack. The racks are completely welded and set up for whatever Fort Knox Mailbox you want to attach. The posts will support our heavy mailboxes. Made out of 11 gauge steel, and the rack is a custom bent channel made of 3/16″ thick steel. Options include newspaper boxes to be welded or detachable. However, at 5 newspaper boxes, due to the weight, they must be detachable. Contact us with questions and to get a shipping quote.

For more than 9 mailboxes, two racks are required. You can also view our stacked racks for more than 9 mailboxes.

  • LT Rack is for the M1-LT Mailbox only, starting at $340.
  • SM Rack is for the Small Standard Mailbox only, starting at $380.
  • LG Rack is for the Large Standard, Fortress, Vacationer, Senator and Package Box, starting at $420.
  • Mixing of mailbox sizes is possible on our steel racks. Contact us to discuss options.

Pricing is for Steel Rack only. Mailboxes sold separately.

To purchase or request a quote, call (800)206-8067 or email info@fortknoxmailbox.com.


Size of Steel U-Rack

Color Choice

Make Rack Surface Mount

For installing on an existing sidewalk or cement slab