USPS Postal lock setup

For non-residential use, the United States Post Office has an “Arrow Lock,” which can be used with a non-curbside Fort Knox Mailbox. It’s beneficial because companies or multiple mailbox owners can have their incoming and outgoing mail locked up. To use an “Arrow Lock,” you must first obtain special approval from your local post office; however, not all post offices allow the use of the “Arrow Lock.” Once you obtain approval, we can sell you a mailbox that is ready for use with the “Arrow Lock” and with all hardware included for installation.

Fort Knox Mailbox is unable to install the “Arrow Lock” on our mailboxes. Your local post office will install the “Arrow Lock” onto the mailbox once the box is installed.

You will need to add a rear door to your mailbox for most setups. If you’re using it for an outgoing mailbox only, then just a slot is needed for outgoing mail deposit. Once we drill the holes for the Arrow Lock, the purchase on our mailbox is final—no returns.

Call (800) 206-8067 or e-mail for more details.


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