“Thanks very much for delivering the mailbox. It looks great! Our neighbor who is getting the other brand got a look at it, and was exclaiming about how strong and good looking it is. I think he might have wanted one of yours, but maybe his wife nixed it. We’re delighted with it, and hope to install it before the week is out. My husband and neighbor will be taking care of installing all of them. Thanks too for getting us the extra keys.

My husband and neighbor installed the 3 boxes this morning, and I’ll have to say, ours really looks tough but terrific, as our neighbor told us several times! Because it’s on the end, and it’s green, it’s quite noticeable. It won’t surprise me if we start getting questions from other people in the neighborhood who see it as they drive by. It’s a very busy street. You know that I’ll be most eager to tell them about you! Thanks again for your patience with me. (GREAT personalized customer service!!!) Thanks again for making this an enjoyable process!”