“The custom Vacationer that you made for us really looks great, now that I finally got it installed! You make the best security boxes that anyone could even think of manufacturing! I think my neighbors are envious, as one kept stopping by to watch our progress as we mounted the box on the post yesterday! FYI, should you be interested in my post’s construction, it’s a full 6″ x 6″ dimensional rough sawn heart redwood post that I designed myself. The vertical part is ten feet long, with about 15″ of it above the mailbox’s top and and 3.5 feet of the post is set in concrete. The Vacationer sits on the post at 42″ above the road surface. I attached the box with eight 3/8″ stainless steel hanger bolts, that are set three inches in the redwood with the machine threads extending 7/8″ above the surface. For sealing out the rain water between the box and the post, I added a perimeter of 1/4″ foam weather stripping to the post with eight rubber washers around each hanger bolt before it was set in place! The bolts are capped off on the inside with; rubber washers, stainless flat washers, and stainless steel acorn nuts. Thanks again for making such a first class product! I hope my post is worthy of your mailbox, at least it’s just as sturdy!”