“Hey there:
I wanted to send you a photo of my mailbox after the “accident”. This was the extent of the damage that was done to my mailbox after it was hit at approximately 50mph. The impact was enough to send the mailbox, post and 150lbs of concrete about 15′ down the ditch. Unfortunately, the person driving the vehicle didn’t stop, but left a handful of car parts behind. My only consolation that the driver didn’t fess up and pay for the damage was that it probably did $5,000 damage to their vehicle. I gave the mailbox a couple whacks with a hammer to straighten out the bent part a bit and it was reset in concrete and ready for mail the next day. When I moved into this place about 6 months ago the previous owner told me he had given up on a mailbox and used a PO box instead saying that he was tired of replacing mailboxes that were either hit with cars or kids w/ baseball bats. That didn’t work for me so I did a little searching and came across you guys – seems like it was a good choice. Thanks for making a great product.”