“I recently ordered, received and installed a special box from you. It was the Vacationer extended to 36″. It arrived in great shape, packed so securely that you could hardly damage the contents. I love the box and wanted to let you know that it really looks good with the gang of misc boxes we have at our rural delivery point. It went together very well, but after I got it all installed I thought that something must be wrong. Why would you build a box so indestructable and tamper proof and have the four bolts sticking out the bottom with the nuts exposed. All you would have to do is quickly remove the nuts and take the box completely off site (if you were able to lift and move it). DUH! When all else fails, read the instructions. It says to install the bolts from the bottom of the post plate up into the box. After getting it all installed I had to redo the nuts and bolts. I’m one of those picture people who look at the picture and go from there. I didn’t actually read all the instructions until after the installation was complete. Other than that it’s a great box and will hold a lot of mail.”