“Just installed my new mailbox and we can now take trips without having our mail held. With cutbacks taking place with the USPS, our local post office was closed resulting in a new assignment to a post office more than 15 miles away. Trips to and from the new post office to hold and pickup mail is now a thing of the past. Also, on several occasions mail never reached us which could point to someone helping themselves to our mail. My wife and I now feel secure about our mail arriving as expected. We did however have to educate our mailman about the out-going mail compartment. Our first delivery was placed in that compartment. Stranger things have happened. Of course, the mailbox construction is a thing to behold. We installed a breakaway post since we expect to have the box hit from time to time since our property is situated where the road is on a downward slope along with a turn to the left. With rain or ice/snow, the road can be difficult to navigate and every year or so our mailbox is hit head on. I installed an extra-large concrete slab (24”x30”) so new anchor bolts can be installed if the box is knocked over. The breakaway post will ensure relatively minor damage to the hapless car or truck sliding off course. The mailbox will I’m sure survive undamaged. I would be interested in some capability to notify us when mail arrives. Our mail delivery time is rather unpredictable. Our house is about 500 feet from the road, hidden by trees. I looked into several radio controlled devices, but none on the market will transmit far enough for our situation. Please let us know if and when you plan to create such a device. We appreciate the good work you have done to create the Vacationer.”
Don from far off Maryland.