Perhaps you’ve become a victim of stolen mail or stolen identity and you’re looking for a final solution. Perhaps you’re tired of replacing your bashed mailbox. Or, perhaps you simply don’t want to ever have these problems!  If you are here for any of these reasons, you’re in the right place!  MANY of our customers are already victims of crime, and we love to help them out!  But, we also love to PREVENT these problems!  Any time is a great time to pursue security for your mail!  Our mailboxes are an investment.  One stolen check, or a stolen identity will cost you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of time spent fixing your credit.

So why is Fort Knox Mailbox® the most superior mailbox available?

Other locking mailboxes are easy to break into.  Their design is of flimsy material, cheaply & quickly made.  We know this, because we replace other brands all the time!  This website is set up to show you why we can solve all of your mail theft and vandalism troubles.


  • Security – It is what we are all about!
  • Small – A small company able to do great things!
  • Durability – Can take a beating!
  • Quality – Not your average locking mailbox and NOT a “cookie-cutter” product!
  • Strength – Everything we make is made to last!
  • Custom – Every customer has a specific need!
  • Availability – We can quickly make what you want if we don’t already have it!
  • Compassion – Taking great pride in providing customers with peace of mind!
  • Godly – We are a Christian-based business, honest, truthful, and hardworking!
  • Gratitude – Always thankful for our customers as they are our biggest sellers!