Stolen Mail Is The Worst

If you’re someone who has had their mail stolen, you KNOW and FEEL the frustration. The unfairness and violation of your private mail being read and used by another person stings! All mail is private and precious. And some mail is devastating and life-changing in the wrong hands.

I Want To Protect My Mail Now!

Have you gone through a few traditional locking mailboxes and are hugely unsatisfied? Yeah, we hear you! Most are made of flimsy materials, cheap locks, and can be broken into very quickly. We know, because we replace a lot of those mailboxes!
One stolen piece of mail can lead to a stolen identity. Once your identity is stolen, it’s a very expensive, humbling, and time-consuming process to clean up. Many accounts will need to be closed, money replaced, credit scores fixed and possibly, lots of ibuprofen taken for the huge headache of it all!

  • Secure: You care about mail theft and so do we. It’s what we do.
  • Durable: Fort Knox Mailboxes can take a beating by anything!
    High Quality: Made by hand, with attention to all the details that really matter
  • Strong: This mailbox is going to be standing out in front of your house for DECADES
  • American Made: Our workers are the best! And all the labor, from the cutting of metal, welding, sand-blasting, powder-coating, and packaging, is done right here in the USA.
  • Customer Service: We love talking to customers, answering questions, and helping select the best fitting mailbox for YOUR needs. We don’t try and upsell. You need what works for you. You can talk to real people, via email or phone. We’re here to help.
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Fort Knox Mailboxes are made 100% in America, by Americans, for those who are ready for serious mail protection.